Blogs worth following

Full Frontal Ostomy
Charis was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2009 and now has a permanent ileostomy. She candidly speaks about ostomy issues, fitness and self-esteem. She also hosts a great Facebook discussion at My Doctor Knows Me Best From Behind. (I am also lucky enough to have gotten to know Charis personally after finding out she lives right around the corner from me.)

Gotta Go: Our IBD Lives
Cara and Gia are sisters who share a common diagnosis. Gia was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when she was 11 and Cara received the same diagnosis years later, when she was 29. Now, the sisters tag-team posts about living with IBD. Gia offers years of experience with a digestive disease and Cara shares stories about learning to live with the disease later in life (she’s also a runner, like me!).

Blood, Poop and Tears
Jackie gives an honest account of her struggle with ulcerative colitis and Multiple Sclerosis. She had surgery to remove her colon and was given a j-pouch. She has a great page of “Ostomy Myths” that knocks out the idea that ostomates can’t live a normal life.

Girls With Guts
This is a wonderful resource for girls (and guys, too) to hear stories from many other people who have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The goal of the site is “to teach girls and women of all ages that you can still be beautiful with a butt disease.” They also have an Etsy shop that sells a beautiful selection of IBD awareness jewelry.

Inflamed and Untamed
Sara, like me, was only a teenager when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She had her colon removed several years ago and now has a j-pouch. She writes to inspire others to remain positive and remember they are beautiful, even with a bowel disease. She hosts Sick Girl Beauty Vlog.


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